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How to Buy Afrobeat Instrumentals From


Afrobeat Music Producer/ Mix Engineer/ Music Industry Enducator
Published: Jun 23, 2020

This Guide will walk you through the Process on how to Buy Afrobeat instrumentals from Autoclavebeats Step By Step

How to Buy Afrobeat Instrumentals From

Greetings to you.
I Hope you Are Having A wonderful Day. In this Guide, I will Be explaining in Details How to Buy Beats From My Website and Provide Answers to Frequently asked questions about Buying Beats Online

The First Thing To Note is There’s A Difference Between Leasing A Beat and Buying A Beat Exclusively. Leasing A Beat means You are Buying A License to Use The Beat commercially (E.g Post On YouTube, Release on spotify, Apple Music and other Streaming Platforms and Used In other ways to Make Money) But the Same Beat Can Also Be Purchased By Other Artistes.

This Pricing Model Is Ideal If you Are Just Starting Out/Tight on A Budget/ Or If you want to Work with the Beat and Put it out to see the response Before Committing to Buying A Beat Exclusively.

Buying A Beat Exclusively Means The Beat Will No Longer Be Available To Other Artistes on the Website

Secondly, My Website is Built on An E Commerce Platform Called BeatStars Based in The United States. Its Efficient And Very Secure

Here Are The Steps To Buying Afrobeat instrumentals

  • You Can Make Purchases from your Mobile Device But I highly recommend you make your purchase on a laptop or desktop
  • You will need a PayPal Account to make the payment. Opening a PayPal account is free. You would need to link your Bank VISA or MasterCard to your PayPal account. This makes it very easy to make payments when buy beats or shopping in general

NOTE- Not All VISA and Master Cards issued By African Banks Can Be Used to Make Purchases in USD. PayPal will Not Allow you to Link Cards like this to your PayPal Account

  • Use the yellow “ADD TO CART” button at the far Right of any beat you would like to purchase to add the beat to your virtual shopping Cart/shopping basket.
Those Are The Orrange ADD Buttons
  • Clicking the Add to cart button will bring up different price options, choose the one That meets your need
This is what Pops Up When You Click the Orange ADD Button

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, we have a special deal that lets you buy 4 beats for the price of one. To take advantage of this deal, add 4 beats you want that are of the same price/Lease type to cart. The price will stay the same

  • After making your selection of beats, proceed to checkout by clicking on the Blue Cart/Shopping basket icon at the Top Right of the Beat Player. Then click on the “proceed to Checkout Button
Thats the Blue Chart Icon
  • Tick the agreement mark after you review your order to be sure all your selections are correct and And Fill All The Required Information.
This is what the checkout Page Looks Like
  • Click the ” Pay via PayPal or Credit card Button” . it will take you to your PayPal account. Login if you are not already and confirm your payment
  • That’s it! You purchase invoice and download link will be emailed to you Instantly.Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


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